Please look ( and like -if , in fact, you do )

Instagram – it’s a funny old thing . I think I’m called a lurker .I don’t post anything , but I look at stuff .

I hooked up after having a drink with some of Rosies’ friends in a pub in Shoreditch ( did I get carried away by the hipster vibe ?) after seeing a viewing of Jacob’s film ( arty vibe ?) .

They were all talking about Holly’s amazing drawings , and I was kindly told ,that to see stuff like that , it is best to go on Insta . I did as I was told , signed up , logged on , fell in love with Holly’s pictures and…then started following other stuff which made me feel in awe / inadequate /a looser/ a voyeur / happy/ bored / impressed / envious /shocked/ etc etc .

Anyway , recently I have been working with other special schools on the WLIAF – West London Inclusive Arts Festival , and through this collaboration , I have met up and have been working with a wonderful parent of a SEN student from a different school . This parent is a photographer and as part of the Festival , has been meeting with other parents and carers of SEN young people , taking photos ,hearing their powerful stories and presenting them in word and photographic form .

With their permission , they are to be displayed at The Lyric Theatre , and also on Instagram .

So please , please look at Portraits of Grit

as it is a project very close to my heart and one , of which I am very proud.

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  1. As a parent of an SEND child , I was very moved by Portraits of Grit .
    Rarely ,do we hear about other families .It makes me feel stronger and leass lonely ,knowing there are other people out there with similar worries and concerns.
    I am aware your daughter has died and we still have ours , so I thank my lucky stars
    Thank you for sharing

  2. what a great IG feed – love the photography and i can see a story in every shot. the page name is perfect too <3

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