please NO flight delays

Thank you for your donations, flowers, paints,cards , texts, company,tapas, cheesecake ,wine,playdough on Tuesday – a truly heart wrenching day.

And an even bigger thank-you to all those who have stuck with us over the past 2 years .We have some lovely kind , family and friends who have looked after us and made the last two years bearable and on many occasions happy and fun. Speaking for myself, I guess at times I am not the one of the easiest people to be with , one friend even told me she doesn’t know what say to me ( ouch ), but I am still interested in people, am happy for people and want to support and share in the vulnerabilities and successes of their lives. I don’t cope well with people who don’t talk about Rosie, my grief or just offer open invitations. To calm my scrambled brain, I need order ,structure, laughter and definite’s. There is no point saying to me ”tell me when you want to come round/need help” – I won’t.

I would like to thank John’s Brother in law, Bert, for doing so much to keep Rosie’s website fresh . He has worked so hard, is so patient with us and is currently trying to do techy stuff with Jacob’s video of ‘Cycle Kenya’ to get it on the site .

I apologise for repeating myself but please stick with us , suggesting stuff and of course ,keep looking at Rosie’s website .I need her to be alive in the hearts and minds of others. I love her so much and struggle with the fact I will never see her again.

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