Please NO more snow

You have all failed me , the snows a coming and a coming, so to make up for it , go and offer your services to clear the runway at T5 Heathrow …and no tampering with our luggage, it’ll probably be wending its way to Venice without anyones help. Haven’t heard from AF today , so fingers crossed he’s feeling a little better and his temps come down.

John and I have been excluded from school, as has half the population of Ealing – the other half ,including Flo , struggled in, had 2 lessons ( and a cappa in ‘The Cuckoo’ ? ) and struggled out again. Realising I couldn’t be on my own for longer than 7minutes , I had coffee with Lorna- it’s good to talk…and talk…and talk.

Now it’s domestic bliss chez Dwyers , Florence paints at her easel, while I tippy type away, both listening to Bon Iver , Bob Dylan, Lykke Li, D Ream etc- all from Rosie’s ipod ( Flo made me take my soundtrack of Shrek 1 ,off ). John has gone crazy and cycled to the gym – thats not normal is it ?

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  1. Never mind the snow, you know what you should be panicking about? Jonathan Ross is leaving the BBC! I heard the news and knew i needed to immediately alert you! x

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