Plus ‘I know who you are’ , so confusing , but got me gripped

With December looming , in fact it’s bloody well loomed- always does ,always will . Ofsted Bofsted and HMI Inspectors gone . Sardinian students no longer in total body-shock ,having arrived from sunnier climes to 106 ,where immediately the boiler packed in and temperatures dropped to sub-zero …. I’m filling my head with lots of PDT ( not to be confused with PTS- although as I’ve said time and time again , don’t be fooled , there is a bit of me still in shock – the pain never goes ,it is now a part of me – but that is love for you ).

So back to the PDT – Reasons to be cheerful…..’Hair’ at the Vaults , ‘Follies’ at The National ,’Landscape Artist of The Year’ on the TV in our front room .The location of the final of LAOTY , Winkworth Arboretum , visited last Saturday . This afternoon ,”Everyone’s Talking about Jamie ‘ at a theatre just up the road from lunch at Brasserie Zedel , and then home for Maqluba with friends who have just come back from taking a year off and done artist residencies in France and Finland . Thinking out loud , I think the people that i most admire ,are those who are kind , help other people and do stuff that they really want to do , in a non-capitalist money-making sort of way .

So life at the moment is good

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