Pretty Flamingo

Yesterday I returned to one of my old haunts of my youth- the world famous ex Biba Store. Previous to that it was ‘Derry and Toms’, quite an up market dept store on Kensington high Street. Grandma used to take us up there when we were children, for afternoon tea , in the roof garden restaurant. Well it has been done up , restored to its original art-deco glory , complete with streams, gardens , ducks,ducklings and the most beautiful flamingoes and a separate Spanish Garden. It really is a little oasis in the centre of London. I think Richard Branson owns it now – he has stuck a swanky restaurant on the top – so I sat sipping my ‘Long Island Iced Tea while gazing at Chelsea football Ground !

Everything brings Rosie to the forefront of my mind. The flamingos – as we saw the biggest concentration of them in the world , when we went to Lake Nakuru, Kenya. Richard Branson – as we tried to blag our way into his Riad- and failed. LIIC’s – as that’s what I drank as Rosie worked her way through the cocktail menu ,as we played game after game of contract whist ,while sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

I’d do anything to have her back with us .

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  1. Got back from Kenya this morning and am straight onto the revision sadly..bakc to Leicester tomorrow. I didn’t see lake Nakuru but was camping for two weeks very near Lake Bogoria which was populated with Flamingos..all pink and close together. Also saw lake baringo (?) and had a flying visit to Niavasha where i saw my first wilderbeasts…Had such a fantastic time and thought and dreamt about Rosie alot. Such a beautiful country and such friendly people.
    Hope you are well
    Love Iz xxxxx

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