Prodigal Sons

Everyones coming back to us, Jacobs home from a Glastonbury, Tims home from Manchester and he’s straight onto the message board, I always said he should have been a journalist.

John and I have had a 12hour theraputic, scorcheroonie mini-break. We got the train to Crowhurst and were whisked away , down a country lane , by Bev and Neil to a day of Mediterean cuisine , feeding Koi Carp, swimming in an outdoor pool, drinking pink fizz , .Then Josh and Saskia joined us for a cream tea – all in their back garden. We talked and cried and talked and laughed and fell asleep on the train home.

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  1. Off topic, but not sure how else to say how great the new charity pages look – I had to show someone at work where the money would go if they dontated so it was really great to have the photos and the narrative. Hoping £100 will come our way. Fingers crossed.xx

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