Proud Parents

The intrepid explorers have returned. We took ‘The Beast’ – The Clarkes 82litre Merc ( not Florence ) up to the frozen North , you’ll be pleased to know, the icecap hasn’t melted and so Newcastle is NOT under water, but you can tell we’re near The Tundra as it stays light til about 11.55pm. The other thing you’ll be pleased to know about is Jacob got his results – a first for his studio work , and 4marks off a first for his theory work , which I guess makes it a 2:1.Absolutely bloody brilliant – I always said he took after me – especially in his fitness and co-ordination ?!

Last night, just so we fitted in , we took most of our clothes off and went into the city centre, shame it was raining. AF took us to an arthouse cinema , and with his friend Liam , we saw ‘American Movie’ – a mockudocumentary about a guy making a film in the Deep South USA – the fact that his brother thought he’d grow up to be a serial killer , gives you an idea as to what the film-maker was like. So if its a case of watching that or phoning the Samaritans – I’d go Samaritans very time.

We then went for fab Tapas , our favourite was ‘lomitos al cabrales’ and loads of sangria. Jacob was due to meet us at 9am. Bless him…..he didn’t wake up !

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  1. Well done Jacob! I heard about your results whilst in Waitrose. I think Claire is as chuffed as your own mother!And so am I.xx

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