quantities please

Georgina, I’m sorry ,but it did not float my boat. This morning I went off piste , and instead of the usual honey on my porridge ( half skimmed, half water , with added bran – I should be a size 10 ), I opted for your Heston Bluementhalesque recommendation ,of Marmite- were 2 heaped teaspoons too much ?

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  1. Oh, I wouldnt listen to Georgie’s taste tips if I were you, the kind of girl who drinks tea with no milk is just odd and obviously has something wrong with her….xxxx

  2. Woah woah enough with attacking my taste tips!
    Cant believe you didnt like it. Did you mix it in so it was evenly spread throughout, so it turned a beautiful pale brown colour? If so it should have been delicious…! Each to their own though maybe…
    Also, I forgot to comment but the Mystery Jets message in their CD is so touching xxx

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