Rambling up thr Ramblas

Before you read this , read the comment under the ‘New York , New York ‘ entry.

Wow , Chelsea , lovely to hear from you. That is spooky that you wrote as last night we were talking about you ! Sarah and Richard , joined Richard and Lise , John and me for a BBQ ( butterfly lamb – very nice though I say so myself ) and we were talking about your stay in London , was it 4 years ago ? I remember that first day , it was a Friday , i picked you up , we had coffee, i applied to adopt you, you had a rest and then some of your crowd went out with some of Jacob’s crowd for a drink.The next morning I asked if you’d had a nice time and you said yes, you’d been to a local pub ….and there had been a fight . Welcome to London – who needs culture ? From then on , it was one big social whirl……then there was the time in Deans Gardens …!?

Don’t worry , we hadn’t neglected Flo, while we were bbqing , she was round at Stu’s for cocktails, Bombay Mix, Baclava and other delicacies too numerous to mention.

Was woken this morning at 6.30 , by a txt from Claire in Cyprus – I still love getting txts, it sounds silly , but it shows me people care and don’t think ‘I am better’ – as someone asked me this week .

Keep thinking about this Saturday a year ago, we all went on holiday to Barcelona. I picked Jacob up from his shift at Waitrose at 1.15 and our taxi arrived at 2. By 9pm we were sitting in ‘Toller a Tapas’ ( recommended by Paula and Nik ) having a huge jug of sangria.Then at around midnight we walked down to the sea , fed the fish and then Jacob and Rosie went and found the Mojito bar. One week later, John , Flo and I waved Rosie and Jacob off at Reus airport and greeted Nat and Fiona, who flew in on the same plane R&J were getting on ( do you know Ryanair have a 20min turnaround ? ). I know I’m rambling , but I was thinking about how the whole family laughed at me when i cried on saying goodbye to J&R – and they were only gone for a week……………..

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  1. Thats strange- I was thinking about that night in Barcelona alot yesterday. I think I know why…. Me and patrick split up yesterday and I walked to the art district- to find that all the galleries were undergoing there changings of exhibitions, so wern’t open. I found this amazing 9 a side astro turf football pitch in the middle of the city and went in and just started watching quite a good match. It was obvious that I wanted to play- and when one guy went off injured they gave me his kit and I came on for their team. It reminds me of when me and rosie walked up the ramblas with our mojitos- we sat in the large square at the top- and bought a few more beers from someone on the street- their was a game of football being played in the middle of the square- and it was gradually getting bigger, Rosie could see that I really wanted to play in it but was too nervous to go and join in. So she started encouraging me to go up and join in. I never did, but not becasue I was nervous anymore- but because it was better sitting with her.

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