random acts of kindness

Yesterday I went to Sainsburies to get the drink for Grandma’s final bash .On the shelf they only had 3 bottles of the particular wine I wanted , they checked their warehouse, but the cupboard was bare ,so I chose some other stuff, not quite as nice , to make up the case . Nat, on checkouts ,asked if I was having a party ,so I told her about Grandma , so she swiped in her staff discount card and gave me 10% off – wouldn’t happen in Tescos ! A Lorna card is wending its way to her as I type.

Sarah,Kristian,Thor,Frig and Gro arrived last night and they are out seeing Elmgreen and Dragnet’s bronze ‘Powerless Structure Fig 101’ on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth plinth and then back to hear John shouting at the television for 90+ minutes . Fiona and Trevor have invited us over tonight , let’s hope the rugby de-brief doesn’t take over 10minutes …I want to practice my speech ( joke ).

Florence ,Nicolai and Victoria fly in tomorrow as do Jacob and Andrey – except their Boeing 707 has morphed into a mega-bus.

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  1. Aaah that’s so nice, acts of kindness like that can really make a difference to someone’s day. Hope everyone got to Ealing easily and safely, see you tomorrow xxx

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