Random acts of kindness…make a difference

Just as I get one loving act of kindness ( from Georgina ) another one comes along .This time in the form of a card from Jeanie at No 87.It reads

“Dear Rachel,john,Jacob and Florence,

My thoughts always turn to your family at this time of year ,so I wanted to put forward an idea that came to me :- The planning for our third carol Singing in Coldershaw is well under way It is happening on Thursday 19th December and I wondered if Rosie had a favourite carol ? One that we could sing as a way of the street remembering her presence?

I understand if you would rather not , but I wanted to share the idea with you in principle.

I tried to call by in person a couple of times but failed miserably and then had a dog covered in fox poo ( or Chanel No.23 for dogs ) and did not dare venture up your path!

sending you love and Shalom,

Jeanie x”

I think that is an absolutely lovely,kind and thoughtful thing to do and of course we shall yes ,the only problem being , I haven’t a clue what Rosie liked to sing or even Phah ‘d at …Georgina /SOC/Bench Crew /all friends etc etc …and ideas ??

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  1. Fairytale of New York always reminds me of Rosie, I can remember her saying it was her favourite Christmas song and it being played and sung along to a parties/birthdays/ But then I can see that may not be appropraite for a carol singing sesh lol


  2. aah thank you …I agree with Rosie – best Christmas song ever .
    Don’t think the Coldershaw Road Carol Singers’ll manage that …although there’s a few of them who resemble Shane McGowan !

  3. Haha I was gonna suggest the same song Stu! She would sing the “you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot” line extra passionately with exaggerated hand movements and crack up laughing after it X

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