Rasputin would have been good

Last night I moved on up while searching for the hero inside myself .Went to see the fantastic Heather Small and M People at Kew gardens . Although my friend was a bit disappointed as she thought we were seeing Boney M ( and she booked the tickets ) and couldn’t understand why after the first few numbers she hadn’t heard ‘ By the rivers of Babylon’. .Heather was great , but not as good as Nile Rodgers and Chic, who were on before her .He was amazing .He belted out loads of songs we all knew that he sung on …Let’s Dance- David Bowie, Like a Virgin-Madonna, loads of Diana Ross . The whole of middle-class-Kew, kicked off their Berkinstocks, put down their Prosecco and showed off their cool moves . I sat and watched ,and enjoyed the view and the music .It was just what the doc ordered after an emotional day at work .Two of my students left early ,as they are going away .It’s not easy for me, saying good-bye to nineteen year olds.

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