Read Jacobs comment from ‘The Stig’ entry, before you read this………

But the burning question ( literally ) Jacob is how’s your bot ? Travelling into the Sahara on that camel , was one of the most painful experiences of my life.At first we were all so jolly and chatty sitting on our lovely camels , we all laughed hysterically when the beast stood up and we nearly toppled over it’s head…..but 60mins into the ride ,with your coccyx digging into the saddle and the fear of loosing the use of both legs , it wasn’t quite so fun. Mind you camping under the stars and falling asleep to what should have been pure silence ,if it wasn’t for Rosie, Flo, Helen and their 4 friends laughing hysterically and you and Tim sharing your post-tagine sensory digestive noises, was amazing.

No sign of Flo – she must still be on the 65 bus !

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