Ready steady,can’t cook – cos your electrical appliance blows up

If you’d have popped in to 106 last night , you’d been forgiven for thinking you were in Algeria. No ,Jacob wasn’t wearing his lush, yellow ochre harem pants, but Flo and I had been following the recipes in Saturdays Guardian ( No ‘Sun’ fried jam sandwiches for us ). It took us about 2 hours to make falafel – 26hrs if you count soaking the chick peas ( 69p for a HUGE bag – so this is now my main ingredient of choice ), and about 3 hours to clean up the kitchen and go and buy a new blender thing , as Jane’s mini one , that I bought her about 15 years ago, finally gave up the ghost. We also made hummus and a sweetcorn/coriander/tomato relish thing…and then the belly dancing commenced ………….

I think it was OK that our falafel were green inside.

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  1. Thats dedication! Rosie couldn’t have waited that long! this reminds me of when we were kids, and we would eat the food in the supermarket trolley before we even got to the checkout, so mum would be paying for empty packets, half loaves of french bread and nibbled cheese! were the Dywer children (in particular, Rosie!!) the same?!

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