reasons to be cheerful – part one

Yesterday was lovely. I was spoiled.

My favourite ladies were on the early shift at Sainsburys so by 7.30 we’d put the world to rights and I’d done my weekly shop.

Richmond Park looked beautiful,Petersham Nurseries looked shabby chic, was over priced, pretentious, but still the most atmospheric place to have coffee.

Then we’ll skip the bit when I came home and cooked for our four Angolan students.

Next up to town, met the boys and was treated to aperitifs in a club and the then the best Chinese meal ever. Thank you D,N and M .

Then on the tube on the way home our end of the carriage had a bonding session ( not a bondage session, it was all conversational).

The young girl next to me tells the lady opposite that she’s dropped something, I look up and say oh yes it’s a five pound note. Lady opp. picks it up and says it’s not hers and offers it to the girl. Girl refuses, man joins in and suggests lady gives it to charity. I step in and suggest why not give it to the next homeless person you see. . Lady ( still clutching five pound note) says despite Trump and Brexit, we are not all bad are we ? and that we really are nice people….and then we all joined in ,actually spoke to each other and had a universal declaration of our horror for today .

Then we said goodnight to each other and went our separate ways .

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  1. be awesome for every one else first, then hook yourself up with some of the leftovers, and then give the rest of the leftovers away except for the parts you can use to grow more stuff like it, so like, plant some seeds, don’t give em all away, for you will be able to give more that way 😉

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