Reasons to be cheerful -part one

1.Thank -you to Declan ,Neal and Dottie for a wonderful time in France . They cooked for us , looked after us , shared their beautiful house ,garden and pool with us and hired a fast boat and took us to the most beautiful bays ever where clothes were optional ( except for me ) and the food and wine , sublime . We played Dobble ,Scrabble and swum in the sea very day .It was a real treat .
2. Colourscape on Clapham Common .
I took a group on my students there last week and it is one of the best sensory experiences we have ever had – the space, the shapes, the colour , the music and Michael .Michael is a musician who uses the singing-bowl like I’ve never seen it used before . For many of my students who have very little mobility , the tingling feeling of the bowl , gave them such joy . He demonstrated on my back and it was like a lovely tingling feeling running under my skin – very hard to describe , but very special .
3 . Rosies’ friends – they are lovely ,and nearly all turn 30 this academic year . I so wish she were too . ( silly to wish , but as already stated , anything ending with a 0 ,makes it harder ) .
The Hafeez Family , for bringing round sweets to celebrate their daughter’s wedding .
4.’Darkness-Those who Kill’ . Gripping – The Danes do drama so well.
5.Alice – I’m seeing her tomorrow and she always cheers me up

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