RFR- part2

Thank you to everyone yesterday who helped , be it shopping, cooking , making, washing-up, meeting, greeting, talking, laughing,eating, drinking,world-cup watching, drinking-games participating, swinging ( not in the way you’re thinking – but on the garden swing ), Rosie T Shirt wearing, walking ,running , toilet finding, medal wearing , non-medal wearing ( if like me you CBA’ d to find the place they gave them out ), clearing awaying ,travelling, hitting their head on the bird-feeder, secret garden providing….the list goes on .

Also thanks to Sarah Brown and Thor , who supported us from Greece and went on a 20k walk wearing their ‘Running for Rosie’ T-shirt

and to Laura , who was back in Italy , where she was with Rosie , 4 years ago, who too wore her T-shirt, and once again thought of Rosie and impressed the locals !

I send you all my love.

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