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News from my little Turkish Delight . he went on the best walk of his life . I can’t believe it beat all those trudges ( their words ) we took him, Rosie and Florence on. Dartmoor ,when we got lost in the fog and 2 people fell in Quicksand. North Devon when on a 5mile walk in the mist , we got horribly lost, ran out of scooby snacks and found ourselves on M.O.D. land , passing a sign that said” beware- unexploded landmines , do not tread on them or you could die”. No one did, we ended up walking about 12miles but, we made it back to the campsite for the evenings classy entertainment. Sitting on the edge of a cliff at Manorbier, having a mid-trudge flask and donut, when the army let off a rocket launch 50yards away from us and we all thought we’d been snipered. Walking into Tenby , from our campsite , for fish and chips , returning in the pitch black . Nik had to give the 15 of us a number that we shouted out in sequence , to check we were all still there. In Norfolk, walking along the beach at night and Rosie and Helen tripping over all the fishermans lines – they weren’t too popular . Thousands of walks from Walberwick to Southwold and back again. Then today hes quad biking , going into and underground city ( prob like The Northern Line ) and off to see the sunset at Love Creek .

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  1. I know manorbier – my grandparents live there! such a beautiful village, especially the cliff walks. before it became completely MOD there was a beautiful beach called skrinkle haven, did you ever go there? x

  2. nah waan’nt better than any of those walks.
    also at thıs poınt ın the valley ıt becomes ımpossıble to carry on- because the path dısperses ınto two traıls that are both really dangerous. anyway we turn around and theres thıs guardıan angel just standıng there wıth hıs dog after seeıng no one ın thıs valley for hours. anyway- he guıdes us through the whole valley- the most abstract and unpredıctable route… really lucky. then at the end he asks for money to feed hıs 10 dogs that each consume a kılo of meat copstıng 20 lıra a day. when I gıve hım ten lıra he got nasty and wanted more- so I got pıssed off wıth hım and the mood went bıtter… aparently hes a famous hustler ın these parts…waıtıng ın thıs poınt for tourısts and makıng over 200 lıra a day ın peak season.

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