Roast potatoes at last

Got in from work tonight and I was OK , got through the Tuesday eve 5pm watershed ( that’s when Rosie used to start her shift at Waitrose and she’d always beg me for a lift at 4.55- now I just dread 10pm when I would pick her up , she’d do a quick change and I’d drop her off at the tube as she headed for White Heat ) . Then I switched on my newly repaired washing machine and shoved a stuffed chicken in my new oven …then shot off to Sains for the veg ,in time to get back for Simon Mayo’s confessions ,which I love. Well I zapped the car , got in it ,glanced to the left and wondered why John had put a child seat on the passenger one…so I looked behind and there was another one . So I thought ,either I’m in the wrong car , or john’s trying to send me mad like in one of those Hitchcock movies….It was the former.

Meanwhile Jacob is studying hard in Amsterdam.

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  1. How can you get in the wrong car????Mind you I did the school run one day and then got back into the car and sat in the front passenger seat waiting for the driver to pull away. That will be me then……..

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