Rosie LOVED London

In 1777, Samuel Johnson wrote “when a man is tired of London , he is tired of life”, by God I agree with him – it is a wonderful city. Apart from nearly getting knocked down by about 200 Harley Davidsons who were whizzing round Trafalgar square , as part of a big rally ( I guess ) , last night was lovely .Sarah and I went to see ‘End of The rainbow’ a happy little number about the drink and drug fuelled decline of Judy Garland. Tracey Bennett can sure belt out a number. Then today Bev and I dined out in Skylon in the Royal Festival Hall.We had a fabulous window table , overlooking The Thames, Parliament, The Savoy ,PWC,Yo Sushi ( and with my periscope- The London Eye ) etc. Old padlock pockets here had her ES Offer ( 3 courses and a glass of fizz for £20 ). We put our bums to anchor at 12 and didn’t get up til 6pm , by which time the sun had set and all the twinkly lights had come on and we’d exhausted the cocktail list. It was like being on holiday.

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