Rosie loved to dance…and laugh

Sundays continue to be hard and sad. I try and keep as busy as possible and fill every waking moment . This morning was weird. I did my usual Sunday thing. Wake-up, get up , go downstairs , radio 2 on, kettle on ( sometimes alka seltzer dropped into water ), coffee made, jobs start .

This morning Aled stopped me in my tracks . He played Pachabel’s Canon. This was the piece of music we played for Jane at the beginning of her funeral. I chose it as she loved that piece.It wasn’t cos she was a classical music buff , but together we had watched a drama series about Australian men going to fight in Vietnam , and Pachabel’s Canon , was the theme tune and together we fell in love with the music. It was tough hearing it, unprepared, in fact it cracked me up. Then Aled interviewed Michael Meacher, about his beliefs , he is an Agnostic and has written a book ”Destination of the Species- The Riddle of human Existence”. Aled said good-bye to Michael and then immediately played ”Circle of Life”. By now I was on my knees. We chose that piece for the end of Rosie’s funeral , as a) she loved it b) we loved it , but mainly for c) she had recently danced to it , in an extremely happy state on Matt Hurst’s kitchen table,along with Stu ,Holly,Joe C. Joe T.( who took his shirt off , hence the reason they were all hysterical ) and a couple of others, and we had seen the video. She was lucky to have such wonderful friends.

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