Rosie was born on a Saturday

At this time in 1989 Jacob was dispatched to No.53 as I was in labour with Rosie, and John was taking me to Queen Charlotte’s Hospital. Geoffrey had dementia , so wasn’t really in the ‘childminding loop ‘ so Joan and Jane recruited Jane’s friend Paula to come and help. Rosie was born early afternoon. John then collected Jacob ,and Paula went home .Two years later Paula died ,just a couple of months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. She was in her thirties. A week before she died a Registrar came to her home and conducted a wedding service for her and her partner .This was unheard of then . Jane and Joan went and said it was incredibly moving ..

This may sound a stupid shaggy dog story and not a lot to do with Rosie …but it has .It has because in my head I’m reliving that day ,22years ago, and in my heart and soul I’m hoping that Jane, Rosie and Paul are together somewhere having a dam good laugh about John wanting me to get out of the bath whilst I was in agony in labour in QC Hospital , so he could get in as he hadn’t had a shower that morning .( it didn’t help that he’d found a hospital wheelchair and was doing his ‘Ironside ‘ impression ,around the bathroom )

As my love grows and deepens for Jacob and does too for Rosie.

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  1. All three of those fabulous women know a thing or two about laughter – and have passed that on to so many. Their laughter will ring loudly forever; Paula, like Jane and Rosie, was one hell of a woman – thank you for reminding me of that. I’m sure all their laughter and love will be with you today xxxx

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