Rosies’ Friends- I doubt they are aware of how lovely and inspirational and important they are

I don’t spend my whole life , thinking about , reading about , listening to stories about …. grief . But I’m drawn to it . I don’t mean to dumb it down , but it’s like dieting – always hoping there is a miracle cure and if there’s not ,sharing other peoples stories and getting hope / less feeling of being a failure / encouragement , from hearing them . But all the time knowing there is no magic wand . I’m stupid really .

So this week , it was the omnibus edition of Listening Project ”Changed by Loss- the impact of sudden death or suicide of a young person,on those left behind ”. Three stories to break a little bit more off your heart – my words not the BBC’s .

So here comes to the link to this website – friends .

The first Mother ,talked of her son ,who took his own life . She spoke so fondly of his friends ,and what a great source of love and support they had been to her . I can only mirror her words and celebrate some of them with the photos that Darren has chosen-

Rosie with Florence and Jacob(‘s arm) in California

Rosie with Laura and Joe C in Benicassim ( I think )

Rosie with Georgina at The Drayton Prom ( I think )

Bless them all

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