The ‘Great parking Ticket’ debate goes on ….. After studying it , I realised the WRONG number plate is on it . There is a T when it should be a Y . But , the tax disc number is correct – dam. So what do you think , all you legal beagles- am I let off by default or does it mean a custodial ? Should I come clean and say the’ve cocked up , or leave it and risk a £100 fine ? Should they stage a reinactment on crime watch – of course Angelina Jolie would play me ( failing that , Beth Ditto )…answers on a ( virtual bloggy ) postcard please.

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  1. Did they send you a notice in the post? If they did they probably have your address and a photo of the car. the best option would be to torch the car with petrol in a layby and pretend it was never yours!

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