Run for Rosie

On Saturday , I’m off to visit my friend Sahel at the printers , to get more T-shirts , for those doing the 10K Run for for Rosie on Sunday 11th July. I know a lot of you have them from 2009.

On my list for orders are Stu ( too many hot washes- her T-shirt , not her ), Adam ,Helenka ,Ryan, Auntie Ann , Lyn, Simon FM, Mathew Parkin, Nico CB , Kirsten and Behfar.

Any more want T-shirts ?? Please emaim me

For all those running walking, hobbling, there’s a bit of a bash, BBQ and beers etc, back here afterwards, so please can everyone let me know ,so John can start marinating his kebabs !

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  1. Oops, Joella is on my paper list – something went wrong between the reading and the writing !

  2. I am running – but haven’t registered as it keeps malfunctioning/timing out, so I’m going to try at home using my parents computer (and hopefully, their credit card!) I’ve got my t-shirt from last year, so will wear that!
    just seen a jamie oliver recipe for brie/camembert baked whole in its box and then tipped over pasta when its melted – such a Rosie recipe! however she would probably eat it before the oven even preheated… xx

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