Sadly not Brucie

Not only did BB have tapas with 14 friends , but he heard he’d won a grant from The British film Institute to make a film that will be shown in The Tate Mod one night- how fab is that ? In the words of The Dad from The Commitments , I bet Franco Zieffirelli’s sh*****g himself !. I’m already planning my outfit ( joke ) for the next two big opening nights , Florence’s and Jacob’s final exhibitions .Stupidly I wish they didn’t have to end their courses .Selfishly I’m not good with finalising stuff

Spent the last couple of days doing my inbuilt therapy( seeing friends and being in beautiful places ).Picnicing in Isabella yesterday , kew gardens today and then dining( not so beautiful-our kitchen ) with Gill and Andy. They showed us the photos of Gill running in The London Marathon ( Anna your hair looks fab blonde ).It was so moving seeing Gill , wearing her T Shirt with Rosie’s beautiful smiling face on the front, surrounded by Rhino’s, 6 foot high nurses and Postman Pat’s red bus.

Tonight we are going to see The ( Sheffields own ) Boss. Any ideas as to who he is ???

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  1. Its the Tate Britain. But yeah, between june and July i will be developing my idea with Phillip Warnell, who is a video artist/filmmaker that tutors at Kingston University and runs a film programme at the BFI. Two months is pretty quick though. The grant is only £400 but they pay for my train fair to and from London – Newcastle atleast 4 times which probably comes to around £400 aswellol. See what I can muster up.

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