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I think having met Julie, and knowing Hazel , i feared there might be some parts of the drama that Hazel couldn’t bare to see or would cause her too much pain , but the only comment Hazel texted me afterwards was that that the drama had depicted her daughter , Laura accurately ,as she stood on the Edgeware Road train .Laura had very beautiful curly hair .
Personally I found the beginning Nicholson family scenes a bit cheesy , but on the whole ,the thing was incredibly moving and honest .
The news report an incident like this as ‘a tragic event’ ..but for those people whose had a loved one who died ,it is not an ‘event’ ,but an overwhelming life-changing on-going hell, that they have to learn to live with/through/alongside.
As for John – him cycling the extra 9km , meant I didn’t have to get up at 6.30 and drive to Dunwich to pick him and his bike up – isn’t he kind ( or aren’t i lazy ?!)

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  1. I can only imagine the agony Hazel would feel watching the tradegy that took her daughter play out on television for millions of people to watch. It seems cruel to me to make the families revisit it in that way.
    Your point about it not being an event, rather a life long hell, is so very true.

    Go John, I say. I love the tales about your adventures xxx

  2. After the bombings , Julie Nicholson wrote the book ‘Song for Jenny’ about the death of her daughter and ( for want of a better phrase ) what happened next .So I can only guess that she agreed to a drama being made of the book and probably had some say in the way it was acted out .It wouldn’t surprise me if she had spoken to the other families who had been effected , to ensure they were OK with it being shown

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