Saturday night and Sunday morning

It was all going so well .

I’d cooked up a couple of Yotam ( let’s use every herb,spice and utensil known to man ) ‘s dishes during the day , the guests arrived and we were all sitting down to supper .We were just into our main course when one spotted there was water dripping through our kitchen spot-lights and water running down the wall . ….directly below the upstairs toilet . So john put his flambe equipped down , donned his rubber gloves and went in search of the source . What he found you do not want to hear about ,. Suffice it to say the upstairs loos were overflowing and deemed out of action .It didn’t stop our evening – we just put the unblocking on hold til Sunday .

Then Sunday came , and everything that could have gone wrong , did .

John spent 12 hours using Richards big pole-thing, Bob’s 2 boxes of nitro-glycerin ( or similar ) ,Mike next door’s Caustic Soda .He drilled holes in pipes, got sprayed with s**t , plunged,rodded,capped etc etc ..and still something was blocking the pipe

Meanwhile , back in the ranch

I lost my Swatch

Broke the cafitiere and cut my hand

Wore my new trousers for the first time and leant on some chemical sprayed porcelain ..and now my jeans are blue with white spots on .

Was plunged into darkness when all the lights fused as they were filled with water .

Tried explaining the toilet ( or lack of ) situation to our 2 Thai students and Miao Miao

and still my day wasn’t as bad ads John’s

To be continued

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