Schindlers Lifts

Who needs Michellin starred poncey restaurants when you’ve got Norbury Pop-In. Where else can you get fish in parsley sauce, peas and mash ( Grandma’s choice ) , sausage, grilled toms, peas and chips. 2 slices of homemade carrot cake for £1.90 ? All homecooked , , waited on and with the best company in S. London – average age 81. Sadly 2 of my favourites weren’t in – Flora , who has a collection of over 800 teddy bears and her buddy , Joy – who certainly doesn’t live up to her name ! Only one gentleman was in , Norman, he had the pick of all the lovely ladies – shame he didn’t choose Grandma – still theres always next time !

Then disaster struck , we got back to Brigstock and the lift had broken . Someone suggested we try and walk Grandma up the stairs to her room- obvious they hadnt worked there long . Once I’d pointed out we didnt have Geoff Capes or that odd strong man that pulled a truck with his ear as seen on ‘ Britains not got talent ‘, it was decided Grandma would have to have her cappacino in the downstairs lounge. Then Grandma and I went hysterical when we remembered Jane getting stuck in the lift at No 53…..

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  1. if this lift working yet, or is granma still having cappucinos in the downstairs at brigstock. I like that vision so Ima pretend its true.

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