Shaping Ceramics : from Lucy Rie to Edmund de Waal – Well worth a visit

Trauma , now there’s a word , it may be short ,but it’s got a dam big meaning .

Some ( although I guess ,hardly any ) people go through life having never experienced it . Others have unimaginably horrendous experiences ,while others have the dictionary definition

trauma -noun
a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.
“a personal trauma like the death of a child”

So why is this going round in my head ?

It could be because

a.I have just visited the Holocaust Exhibition at the wonderful Jewish Museum

b.The 27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day

c I’ve read an article about it ( as usual ) and I want to hope that somehow and in some way ,post trauma I can be more resilient / less fearful / kinder…

So reading this is sort of good and sort of relevant

” Harrowing experiences have the power to crush us , but as research is starting to show, they can also leave us stronger, through a process called post-traumatic growth.

Beyond courage, we all instinctively recognise that tribulations can produce a rare and rarefied commodity:character.It is not the people with enormous wealth who we admire,rather those who have gone through unspeakable circumstances and have come out the other end with wisdom unattainable by any other means.

If resilience is one of the most praised attributes in our world today, we are confronted with an uncomfortable truth: if we want to develop it, we cannot wish away the trials that test and produce it .”
JT MacCurdy

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  1. The man is mad …..and we know a few more of those . Can’t even bear to think of what is happening in America tomorrow

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