She was always the scruffiest one

Read on , it’s not about the Zumba ,I promise………

Last night I went to Zumba .

Not my usual Monday one , as Karen the teacher was sick , but my usual Wednesday night one , which is a bit further away in a different direction to the Monday night one .

I set off ,on foot at around 7.45.

I walked down the road , turned right ,walked about 50yards and felt sick ,and tearful and my huge sadness suddenly overwhelmed me .I just froze .

And all because I walked past the scout hut where Rosie, ( and Helen and Georgina ) used to go to Monday night Brownies and it was round about that time in the evening I used to pick her up. Her beaming face came to me as clear as day . It made me stop in my tracks and my insides howled with pain and yearning for her .

In fact even now typing it ,I feel wretched .

Wish I could end it with a positive ,but I just can’t .
Funnily enough it is fine to walk past the hall on a Wednesday , but, I still can’t go to Waitrose on a Tuesday or a Saturday after 2pm .

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  1. Oh Rachel xxxxxxxx

    What fun memories we have from Brownies. And Rosie begged me not to join until she was 7 too, she didn’t want me to have 3 months on her!

    Sending lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

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