She was right , I did howl when I opened it .

I received a gift today from my art-room volunteer . KA is lovely , she used to be a student at the school and now comes back two days a week to help keep the art-room in order . Last week she went on her annual holiday to Bognor . This morning I was told to close my eyes and promise not to cry as she gave me my gift . I opened them to find a candle with the words

‘ 40 – you are starting a new phase in your life .You have self-confidence and are very attractive.You are in the full bloom of life and working hard for a wonderful , secure future. Just like this candle ,you glow with warmth and light ”

Considering I’m 61 and resemble a washed out old rag , that’s not bad going .

I guess it beats last year’s gift which was a mug with the inscription ‘5 days working with you twats , 2 days of bliss’ !

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