Sister greenwood is not a Nun , but an ex colleague og The G. They still call each other sister- aah .

In the scheme of things ( and after spending the afternoon with Grandma and her equally deaf 94 year old friend,Sister Greenwood), today’s little near miss of setting fire to 106 doesn’t really matter. But when you’ve got a heavy heart and a broken washing machine and no voice ( refer to situation in previous brackets ) and you’ve invited friends to supper on Sat. night – it does. For about 4 tears we’ve coped with our oven door not shutting properly ,and the Spanish coffee-pot placed at a jaunty angle and wedged between the oven-door and the mat,securing it shut , has become quite a feature of our kitchen .Then about 2 years ago ,the electric grill stayed on low permanently , even though it was switched off and there was no little bright red light on . But we got over that by turning the oven off at the fuse and tripping it when we needed to use it . These little health and safety measures worked perfectly ,until this morning …last night after cooking a haute cuisine post work gourmet dinner ( i.e. heating the garlic bread ) ,I forgot to trip the fuse to off .This morning I could smell burning -the ghostly grill was off but actually it was on red-hot-full. I hope my guests like soup

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