Snap happy

Now we have solved the problem of the purses, we have the problem of the camera. This house is riddled with disposable cameras , all with about 3 photos taken on each one…so, after Christmas , I’ll blow the monthly food budget , and get them all developed. Izzy , whats on ‘that’ camera of Rosie’s. Anything incriminating ? NOT the famous night at Ofsted ? *

Do you hate that saying ‘take a chill-pill’ ? I loathe it . but Flo and I did just that this afternoon , even though we both had stacks to do , we cosied up , sat soft and watched the final of ‘I’m a celeb’ and Saturday’s 2nd ‘strictly’. how on earth did Gino eat that congeeled ,fermented, rubbery, gone-off ducks egg ?

This is a tough time for all of us, we miss ( what a pathetic word-it should read , pine , yearn, long for etc ) Rosie with ALL out hearts and souls. Don’t be fooled by the flippancy, brave faces, attempts to look happy and masks , we are truly broken hearted and although we love each other dearly , life will never be the same again. All we ask for is Rosie.

* I used to wind Rosie up , by calling ‘Offset’ , ‘Ofsted’. How I wish I could still do that , but 50weeks ago today ………………..

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  1. there was one from brighton buut im not entirely sure how many photos..i just remember her taking some on the coach up.xx

  2. not sure how to work the message board..
    I was just listening to Bon Iver and remebered how when Rosie, Holly, Nikki and I went to go and see him at Shepheards bush (starting off with some whiskey and cokes and popadums -haha with extra mango chutney- in weatherspoons). we were intent on starting up the round of applause – preferably at the end but pretty much whenever it felt right..
    “go on .. start the clap, i’ll join in..!!”
    which meant random outbursts of 3/4 people clapping quickly stopping due to the bad reaction and no follow on from the crowds.. i think eventually we did get one going, but may have just been because the song had finished..
    also at the end of his set he played.. I think it was ‘The Wolves Act 1 and 2’ and he asked us all to sing along at the end, was pretty cringey to start with but I think we all got quite into it by the end.. haha.. good times.

  3. haha I really don’t know what’s on ‘that’ camera. SHould I? I can’t wait to see them though, it’s so overwhelming when i see photos/videos i’ve never seen before. Oh yeah Bon Iver! I was meant to go but had to work, I’m so glad Rosie went instead
    See you all very soon, gutted i can’t be with you tomorrowlots of love xxx

  4. Ah amazing! yeah we pretty much had to do a whole crowd harmony and everyone else in the room was deadly serious apart from our giggles to beggin with.. we were also standing next to an annoying middle aged flirt who managed to steal far too much of our attention. If Im right we the proceeded to ‘hit’ candy box’? but were all too tired so spent the night slumped in the corner laughing at everyones antics.
    Rachel how many cameras are there? did you find Rosie’s digital? I think there are pictures from when Rosie, Mel and me went for classy cocks in soho. i’d really like to see them.

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