snow stops play ,but the sea in Dublin made the play

I was a bit confused as to what 2 nearly naked men dancing and writhing in a giant pool of water had to do with The Easter Rising .When I booked I was thinking more ‘Riverdance’ ,less ‘My Beautiful Laundrette’. But saying that ‘at swim two boys ‘ was amazing .Seventy minutes of dancing ,which had us all blown out of the water …literally .I have never seen a stage like it – full of water .I had an email in the week advising us to get there early to avoid sitting in the front row ,as you’d get very wet, so we sat 2 rows back and still felt the odd splash .I love all round sensory theatre.

Then home to a houseful…of sleepers .I felt like Snow White in reverse .My five little Danish house guests were all snoozing , while John was a little grumpy as the rugby , he was about to sit down and watch ,had been called off.

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