So ,I clapped even louder

Thursday evening and another show . You’ve probably gathered I love going to musical theatre, especially fringe stuff -a) because it’s cheap b) cos you are up close and can see their faces ( much easier if you don’t hear so well ) c)I love seeing the most amazing talent to come out of all these wonderful drama schools …I can never understand in this country ,why the same people get all the big parts e.g. Keira knightly ,I’d rather watch a plank of wood act. d) I don’t get invited to ‘gatherings’ much anymore ( I’m NOT moaning or feeling sorry for myself ,that’s just the way it is ) e) and this is failure on my part – have to be busy ,have a focus, feel safe and while I’m seeing a live performance ,I can escape from all the sadness in my head and be absorbed in something neutral.. The negative of small venues is…they are hotter inside than out , the seats are usually narrow , you are squished up close to the person next to you ( could be a positive ) BUT the drinks are cheap and the audiences seem more vocal and passionate – probably because they are related to one of the cast .

Last night but one ,we went to the King’s Head ,Islington, to see ‘the Great Gatsby’. I loved it , the roaring twenties, what an era- the dancing, the singing ,the 2 pints dry cider ,the proud Grandpa ,sitting next to me ,who couldn’t still in his seat and clapped louder than me ( at an Oakland’s concert once, another parent asked me not to clap so loudly …so you can imagine what I did ) .It ticked all the boxes-job done !

But my evening was nothing compared to Florence’s – an audience with Usain Bolt himself …well actually Flo and Nat spotted him coming out the TV studios and got a picture.

We are off to Walberswick today for a week – bet I catch crabs.

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