So much water , not enough time

OMG, we’ve returned from lovely ,quiet, peaceful, beautiful Northumbria- to sort of quiet, nearly lovely, under the Heathrow take-off flight path, 106. We know Hazel is stuck in Washington ( not the one, 10 miles south of Newcastle )- is there anyone else stuck somewhere ( the queue in West ealing Sainsburies , doesn’t count ). Izzy P. – where are you – still in Nairobi airport , if so spread the word of Rosie/Ace/ The Southend Academy ??

Northumbria was stunning , We did a fabulous walk drom Homesteads , up hill, down dale and ,shock horror, didn’t get lost.This was due to the fact we had a bloody great wall that Hadrian built, to follow. We also went to the beautiful gardens of Alnwick Castle.The hilight of that day , apart from getting a drenching from Jacob ,in all the amazing cascades and water features , was our tour round the locked ‘Poison Garden’. Dave ,our guide, gave us strict instructions not to smell, touch, stroke ( no not him ) but any of the poisonous plants. He was giving us lots of tales of murder and witchcraft, when suddenly ,one of our party collapsed. We suspected foul play and were all instantly under suspicion, until Doris the first-aider was summoned and the collapsed girls’ Mother told us she’s always doing this. Dave, by this time , had aged 5 years and was looking for another job.

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