So true

”Still looking for words That say something

Where you look for the people Who no longer say anything

And still finding words That can say something

Where you find people Who can no longer say anything?”

Erich Fried

Why the poem ?

I popped into Waterstones today looking for a book on ‘Birds ‘ as I can now tell a Coot from a Moorhen from an Otter ( not a bird but they put on a magnificent display for us , so I feel they deserve a mention ) and I want to extend mine and my students knowledge .Yesterday ,I took a group to The Wetlands Centre,- if the whole world was organised the way Wetlands is ,it would be a better place – accessible, clean, beautiful with friendly,kind and helpful staff and volunteers . Anyway ,while in Watermans I saw this book for sale ‘The Son’ by Michel Rostain and it’s brief review . “It’s a short story, but not one that is enjoyable or comfortable to read. It’s about a subject that no parent wants to experience. The death of their child. It is such a well written book and I would say that it’s an important book for those dealing with a bereavement. ” Then I read more ,his son died of Meningitis .At first I thought they’d got the name wrong , it must be Michael Rosen – but it is not .Now I have to decide whether to read it or not .

The bird book was parked and I left in a dither .

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