So true

I have a friend ( yes another one ) who has had some pretty bad stuff happen to her in her life , yet still she looks out for me.
She has empathy and love and is always happy to listen to how I feel , or help me try to express how I feel .I Know ,she knows ,how hard I find all that , and how hurt I am by some of the friends who have withdrawn .I try to tell myself it doesn’t matter, but sadly ,to me ,it does

This weekend she showed me the article in Saturday’s Guardian written by Cathy Rentzenbrink . The article was about Cathy’s love for her brother Matty ,who, at the age of 16 was knocked down and remained in a coma until he died eight years later . She ends with this paragraph

”My sadness is infinite. I no longer expect that my tears will come to an end. I am no longer surprised that my reservoir of grief is so full and refillable. And because I am no longer surprised, I am much better able to live with it. I weave it into my days. I can cry and laugh at the same time.”

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