Some people are so kind ,thoughtful and lovely

Two really touching things happened today .

1.Mr shillito , Rosies head of year at Elthorne sent us a lovely letter and a CD of photos of Rosie. I cannot bear to look at them ( or let the CD out of my sight ) , so if any of the Elthorne crowd want to come for a viewing , just shout , you can look and I’ll peep through the crack in the door , until the day I can cope with looking.

2. The new Mystery Jets ‘Serotonin’ LP/CD was released , and under the title ”thanks to” on the sleeve are the names Jacob,Rosie and Florence Dwyer.

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  1. Flo text me about this today, made me so happy and sad! so lovelyYeah I would  like to come and see the photos soon x

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