some people are still wearing coats

We continue to bumble along , in out hot ,slow way – think Brian the Snail without the cheery attitude . Florence does a lot of sketching ,I do a lot of stretching – not just my Achilles ,but to reach things cos it’s too much effort to get up ,( how did Nancy Sinatra manage in her 2 boots ?). It is odd isn’t it ,that when you are sick bay and you have time on your hands , you don’t have the motivation or energy to do any of the stuff you thought you would do, and instead you do things like – make lists – read last Sundays paper – think about what’s for tea .Talking of which we had a birthday one ,last night to celebrate Fabian’s 18th .I even baked a dairy-free banana cake , which those of us who can eat dairy ,lathered with nutella and Cornish ice cream .

Anyway back to that Sunday paper .This has to be the quiz question of the year …..

“What will the average Briton do 198,743 times during their lifetime?”……….Clue:Double that number for me ( and the answer is not -cry ) Answers on a cyber postcard please.

We have the joys of West Middlesex Hospital this afternoon.

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