Someone forwarded me this – spot on I think

Last night Private Eye editor Ian Hislop was asked on BBC Question Time whether those who voted to Remain in the EU should now shut up.

His reply:

After an election or a referendum, even if you lose the vote, you are entitled to go on making the argument.

When a government in this country wins an election, the opposition does not say ‘oh that’s absolutely right I’ve got nothing to say for five years‘.

So, for those of us trying really hard over the last few weeks to follow what on earth is happening in this country: the Leave vote has left us with a group of leaders who, having lit the fire, have run away saying someone else can clear up the mess; the Prime Minister who put us in the mess has resigned; everybody is gone; all the people who put their cross down for Leave saying ‘this is what we want‘ – they seem to be getting a group of people who say ‘we can’t stop immigration, we can’t get £350 million, oh and there might be quite a lot of austerity… sorry, bye!

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  1. Yes it is .
    I went out with a friend last night .She is originally from Yorkshire ,and now lives in london .
    The voting ,has divided her family .A little thing in the grand scheme of things , but also sad.

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