* something to do with needing the pipes for a piece of art

Mothering Sunday – a day of three thirds .

Number 1- Started off well despite an hours less sleep. The four of us went out for a fabulous brunch with Stephen Mangam. Well not ,technically with him, he just happened to be in the restaurant . We then ( minus Stephen ) walked in the sunshine on the banks of The Thames ,taking in the view and watching the tide come in- beautiful .Then home, on the way picking up a free hamster cage from outside someones house *.I then opened my lovely homemade cards and a gift of tickets to the Martin Creed Exhibition.( I’ve packed my pin already )

Number 2- Soup Kitchen .John rolled his sleeves up and was head bottle-washer, meanwhile I headed up front-of-house .We had 3 new volunteers ,the sun was shining- what could possible go wrong ? Well after 2 big fights , a garrotting ,a 999 call ,2 visits from the police , it settled down . We cleared away ,cleaned the tables and then a man who didn’t want to return to his unit in Ealing Hospital decided to unscrew the lid from the Flash ant-bac Surface Spray …and drink a mouthful ! Luckily one of the new volunteers is a GP and so we let her take control – I assisted by clearing up the vomit .

Number 3- from Soupy I went straight to Ealing Common to pick up the 3 new Italian students . They were there waiting ,so I bundled them in the car and brought them home but could not make head nor tail of the town they were from, so got the atlas out – turned out to be Pontevedra..in Spain ! They are 3 lovely boys , pity one doesn’t like any vegetables except for chips ,and because I’d made a beef bourguignon with neeps and tatties ,he just had a …sugar-sandwich -his choice .Mind you he came up trumps when he produced 15 pancakes his Mum had prepared for us .

knackered now

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  1. -and in complete contrast I had a cooked breakfast courtesy of Katy ,sat and watched Philomena courtesy of Holly and ate toffee bonbons courtesy of Maggie!xx

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