* something us finely tuned athletes have to put up with

Lorna ,you are so wrong ,and Sally, you are so right .They have knocked flossetts off my ‘Top 3 things to poke yourself with ‘ list . I urge you all to buy some- your gums’ll bleed like crazy the first time you use them, and then it’s bliss.

I prearranged with The Christine Brown Ward Staff , that I would get to Grandma as soon after work as poss ,to meet with the physio and OT , to ensure there would be NO telling them to go away . So I shot off after work , we liased, I watched , encouraged ( and was tempted to ask advice on my achilles tendonitis* ) and Grandma bent her right ( good ) knee and sort of shuffled to the edge of the bed , so she could dangle her legs over- this is huge progress.

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