Sometimes it’s hard to cope with stuff

It’s all gone quiet .

Overnight ,Florence has Megabused ( hope she gets a seat not too near the toilet ) to Amsterdam ,to hook up with Jacob .

But I had a bit of a ‘moment ‘ on the train yesterday when I thought I might not get back in time to see her and say good-bye…

After a wonderful day on Eastbourne Beach with Theresa,Elodie and Amelia , we packed up their beach-hut and they dropped me at the station .All easy-oozy .I was happily reading my book ( The Beach , funnily enough ) and looking forward to my Florence’s themed Vietnamese dinner , as the night before Natalie had taken her on a ‘Jamie Oliver Vietnamese Street food Cookery Course ‘, when the train came to a halt . Thirty minutes later and we are told ,there has been an accident ahead and a person has been knocked down by a train , and we all have to get off , we are miles from London. I feel sick .Not only because I worry about not getting home before Florence leaves ,but also as I have two friends whose sons have died under the wheels of a train – I think of them ,my head spins ,I feel sick , I try to hold in my tears .I fail miserably.

I could go on and bore you with my ,bus,bus,train,train,journey home, but I won’t .Suffice it to say ,I got in at 7.30 ,we ate and then I drove them to Victoria Coach Station and said my fond farewells there .

I wish I didn’t spend my time wishing I could turn the clocks back.

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  1. Just sharing the train theme,it is awful when things go wrong.Last week I was travelling to Crouch End (Harringay overground) to visit family.Hadn’t done this journey before but asked directions at Kings Cross and followed them.I was meant to change at Finsbury Park. As the train shot past Finsbury Park at 100mph, I realised something was afoot. I was on the non stop train to Cambridge…..Arrived at Crouch End 3 hours later to a roomful of family trying to hold back their laughter. I am known as being the only punctual person in my family,my reputation in now in tatters….

  2. No,I think my little Oyster card would have confused their ticket machine.A lovely station man put us (Eden was with me) back on the fast train to Kings Cross.I might go another day though,it looked nice from what I could see from the platform…..

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