Song for Rosie

If ever Karen does come over , there are so many places I want to take her …
on the cable car over The Thames
Breakfast up The Shard
St Paul’s Cathedral
Southall for a curry
Primrose hill/Nunhead Reservoir
and on a day trip to Eastbourne .
Yesterday we got the train to Newhaven and did one of my favourite walks …up onto the cliff and then with The Seven Sisters in your sight, onto Cuckmere Haven and then onto those big huge, beautiful cliffs .
Lorna, thanks to your book we sang ‘The Quartemaster’s Stores’ . I’d forgotten it’s very existence !
That is my kind of heaven

2 Replies to “Song for Rosie”

  1. We used to sing it for everyone in my class ..and there was only mine and Phiroze’s names that we couldn’t get a word to rhyme with .
    Lorna’s not so easy either

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