Sorry Dec, I stole your joke

Soup kitchen in numbers

117 guests

54 seats

A long queue at the door

9 volunteers

3 volunteers absent

1 electronic cheese grater

John on jacket potatoes, beans ,cheese,butter and ham , a la Heston ( services not Blumenthal )

Me ,in charge of front of house – meaning I had the unpleasant job of asking very ,cold, hungry ,lonely , possible drunk or high, people , to wait patiently until there was a seat free

20 loaves

5 kilos of cheese

naff ham

decent coffee

full fat milk

fruit cake

custard creams

and ….soup

Now I’m all toastie at home , feeling a bit guilty that so many of the people I spoke to this afternoon have nowhere to go , and also concerned as the problem appears to be getting worse .

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