Sorry if I’ve left anyone out

I don’t want this to sound like the bloody Oscars , but it is just a few thank-yous to those who have made 2015 good.

The biggest one goes to the NHS

and the rest go in no particular order

John , Jacob and Florence – because I love them so much it hurts

Saga Noren

The friends who have walked ,talked, watched stuff , eaten ,drunk , played scrabble . made curtains and camped with us .

Buncy for her Madeira cakes and Indian scooby-snacks

My students

Rosie’s friends , for never failing to make me laugh and creating the best buffets in the world

Bert and Darren

Walter White

The ladies in the early morning check-out team in West Ealing Sainsburies .

Patrick Ness

Fi Glover in ‘that’ Waitrose Magazine ( free not glossy )

Airbnb renters

and you’ll be sad to know that Emerald is still on the naughty step , and even though we’ve been warned, we still haven’t checked that mice haven’t got up her escape pipe ( quite frankly she deserves it )

2 Replies to “Sorry if I’ve left anyone out”

  1. Haven’t searched for our mice yet but we have a drip over the indoor sink so may have a blockage of mice in the waste pipe…FFS! Haha xxx

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