* Sorry this’ll only make sense if you’ve seen the exhibition.

John and I have spent the day up to our eyes in paint .John literally ,as he was part of a team from St Paul’s Church , who went and decorated a whole house in a day . John was in charge of hall, stairs and landing . You’ll be pleased to know there was no repeat of ‘The Oaklands School Hall decorating disaster’ and the lady and her 4 children who live there are very happy with their revamped house and garden.

I, on the other hand , just looked at the stuff .Fiona and I went to The Watercolour Exhibition at Tate Britain. If I could have taken one home ,I’d have gone for the Howard Hodgkin, ‘Here we are in Croydon’…probably painted just before Primark took over the high street and the classiest eating place- Pizza Hut – closed down.And it wasn’t me responsible for sticking my painted teaspoon *on the wall with chewing gum ( might have been Fiona though ).

Today was a continuation of my weekend of culture which started last night when Sarah and I celebrated her birthday with cocktails, vino and dins in The National Portrait Gallery, where we had a fabulous window table overlooking all things beautiful in London- Nelson’s Column,Big Ben,The Eye,The Shard etc.We then had to make a dash to the theatre for her real birthday treat …’Naked Men Singing’ at The Charing Cross Theatre.It did exactly what it said on the box, they were and they did.

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