spot the deliberate mistake

Yes, Georginina , those photos are lovely. I’ve a feeling that first one of the family was taken on my 37th Birthday , about 4 years ago. The next one is taken in 2004 on a BA flight back from Dar Es Salaam, the kids were all going crazy and the adults made the most of the free bar . Don’t you love Tim’s hat , he wore it all holiday ? Jacob and Tim also bought Hyena bashers, but we made them pack them in their cases.- for obvious reasons. ( even though there were no hyenas on the plane ).

What do lovers of art do when they go to a gallery ?..Go in, well not us we shot straight past and headed for the cafe. Grandmama and Jacob indulged in Pimms as it was the last drink The Big G. bought Rosie when we went there in summer 08 .The only difference being , there were bits of fruit left in the bottom of their glasses – Rosie always demolished the lot – peel as well.

We are off to St.Tropez tomorrow , to stay with our lovely ,kind and generous friends ,Declan and Neal and Dottie ,so Au revoir. xxxx

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  1. Have a lovely time in St. Tropez. I am in London this weekend and was going to call you to see if I could see you, but I don’t expect you stay behind just for that!! Love and xxx Ju ju

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